[Exploration - Library]

The library.

Now this was a room I knew how to deal with!

I started my survey of the library with a quick glance around the shelves. A pretty average selection of popular fiction and literary classics– this place was obviously meant for leisure, not research. That said, there was still a shelf holding a large encyclopedia and some academic journals.

Aside from the walls of books, a couple of cushy chairs and a table sat towards the back of the room. On the back wall was a large TV screen, but it didn’t seem to do anything but loop a tacky stock video of a fireplace… Hopefully there’s some way to turn that off.

There was also a computer in the corner that reportedly ran a catalog? I’d have to check it out, but I’d been beaten to the room by a few other people. Vasundhara and Kapono stood by the bookshelves, while Riko and Yusra huddled around the computer…